Hi, I'm Arun.

I bring things to life. No, not with magic, silly. Primarily, with HTML, CSS, and Javascript.

A Little Story About Me!

I code efficient, highly interactive, responsive web apps & websites for so many startups since 2013.

I’m Arun a Designer & Frontend Developer worked in Technology 9 Labs as Sr. Frontend Developer. I have the privilege of working on a number of amazing projects from UN-Funded Non-Profits, Start-ups, Musicians, Investment Firms, Artists, Agencies and many more.

I'm always looking for new things to learn, with Google as my teacher. My friend stack overflow has always answers of my questions. I am a big fan of Open Source libraries.

I like to resolve design problems, create a smart user interface and interaction, developing rich web experiences & web applications. Code organization and semantics are extremely important to me, and I usually end up spending extra time just to rewrite a module to be a little bit clearer or easier to find.

When I'm not developing and solving problems, I'll most likely be playing video games, watching movies, chilling with friends/family.

105 +
coffees drank
100 k+
pixels pushed
500 k+
lines of code
20 +
live projects

I do awesome things

Here are albums of my best works that I did in past several years. I studied, worked & learnt from these projects a lot.

what i do

Mobile first web development with HTML, CSS, JavaScript

Front-End Development

I like to work closely with designers to faithfully translate their designs into new and exciting technology. On a daily basis you'll find me using HTML, CSS, SCSS, BEM, JavaScript / jQuery and Wordpress in order to bring creative designs to life.

Responsive Web

Sadly, many websites today still lack adequate support for mobile browsing. I aim to build-in this support from the very beginning. An effective grid system with progressive enhancement can ensure a great experience on new and older web browsers alike well into the future.


Converting a PSD Design into Web pages is easy job but making it pixel perfect and present it in mobile or other devices is not easy. I love to play with this PSD and make it look like carbon copy of design.

Web/App Design

Crafting simple solutions for complex problems can often mean taking a step back and grasping the bigger picture. Good design should be beautiful and elegant, stripping away everything unnecessary, and it should never get in the way of the message.

Delhi, The heart of India.

just say hello

If you have an awesome then send me a message asap.